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A lot people ask how we got around to choosing the name Bloom Beauty Bar. When it came down to things we felt inspired by, the feeling of spring was definitely at the top. Then we started thinking about what we do, and how we want to make others feel.

In our experience, a visit to the salon has the ability to transform someone’s self-confidence and make them unstoppable. Whether it’s just a trim, a change in color, or even if you just need someone to talk to - we are there to make it happen.

Bloom Beauty Bar was born with the intent to make every client blossom into their own beautiful and confident flower, one cut and color at a time.


meet the bloom babes.


Alyssa Nicolett

Birthday: December 2nd 

Favorite Food: Cheese (and wine)  

Specialties: Balayage, blonding and precision cuts 

My favorite part about being a hairstylist is…

Meeting new people, and building a relationship with clientele. I love being an artist, and connecting with new people, clients, other stylists, and the wide variety of opportunities in the industry.

Nikki Stanek

Birthday: July 10th 

Favorite Food: Pizzaaaa

Specialties: Invisible Bead Extensions® and all things color 

My favorite part about being a hairstylist is…

The ability to express my creativity through hair and make others not only look great, but feel amazing. I love achieving anything from lived in blondes, to bright blue mermaid hair, to giving the gift of long, luscious locks with

hair extensions.



Rosie Santella

Birthday: June 20th

Favorite Food: French Fries and Cheese

Specialties: Balayage, Blonding, and Haircuts 

My favorite part about being a hairstylist is…

being creative! I love coming up with results that are workable with your lifestyle while enhancing your natural beauty. And being able to meet and connect with new people is pretty awesome too.